Requesting a review of my game, handling invasions late game

I’ve played a dozen or so 19x19 games and realize I need direction. This particular issue is showing up repeatedly when I play - I have a lead but my opponent successfully invades me and I lose or just manage to win what should have been a comfortable game. starting at move 222.

Of course, if you feel obliged to go deeper I would appreciate any additional commentary.



D3 looks like it kills. But only because of supporting stones.

Without those, the 3-3 invasion is impossible to kill.

I left a few variations in the comments. If a stronger player sees something wrong with the analysis I gave, please let me know, that would be greatly appreciated!

I left a few variations, too.

@_Thrawn left some cool ideas in the game record. I think sometimes you don’t need the flashy ways and can do something simpler though. (See game record.)

Both of your openings are good. Since you’ve taken large territories on the corners and sides, now it’s the turn to deal with the center.

Thanks for the review. I knew I should be leveraging my other stones but I just didn’t think long enough on how I should proceed. Thankfully, these reviews make sense and I can make use of it in the future.

I still get mesmerized by local actions. I appreciate the opportunity to see what could have been.

You’re right, I should have handled it in a straightforward manner. I just got it in my head to squeeze him into my wall from underneath but immediately did dumb things and viola, I lose ~20 points and the game. Thanks for the look.

Welcome. What white should have done is to expand his influence in stead of invading into your solid territory.