Reserve List for Tournaments

A couple tournaments just started. I took a look at one of them ( ) and saw that 2 players resigned their games without playing a single move. They really should have withdrawn before the tournament started. For whatever reason, they didn’t. I know there was at least one person interested in registering for it but couldn’t due to the maximum limit being reached, which really is too bad.

What if there were a reserve list of players who want to play in the tournament? This would allow the replacement of players who apparently find themselves unable to participate after the tournament has just started.

I know you’re working on a tournament overhaul, so maybe this is already being worked on?


That’s a good idea, I’ll see if I can get it in with one of my milestones.

It also bugs me when I see people who do that.


this is a great idea

also; am not really sure how this is planned but there should be a “confirm seat” procedure done at all (at least live) tournaments, live a 15 minutes before or so, correspondence could actually be a whole ‘starting time’ before (ie often 3 days)

if the reserve list is implemented, this should ofc apply for them too

Another note: during live tournaments usually the next round starts asap the previous round has started, imo, there should be possible to add a break there, this could ofc be applied on correspondence but it’s not really as relevant. During this period should a possibility to ‘drop out’ maybe also be availible (so that people that want to drop out actually can do so with as little damage as possible to the players wanting to play) (same way, the reserve list could once again get a question ‘do you want to participate if someone drops out’)

Well, just some of my thoughts in the matter