Resigning Glitch

When ever I don’t go on my computer, it automatically resigns the game for me. Please help me with this problem.

Are you talking about live or correspondence games? You cannot leave live games for more than 2 minutes without it auto-resigning. This is to prevent escapers. You must leave the browser/tab open with a live game.

If you’re talking about correspondence, I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Could you clarify a bit?


It is a live game. Even if I left the game for only 1 minute, the game auto-resigned.

Are you sure? Did you measure the time?

Also, it seems, to me, to be a very simple rule: do not leave the page when playing a live game; do not close the tab or window.

Hello, this may be a useful feature, but why doesn’t the browser notify me that it’s about to auto-resign the game?

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I think the time period is to short for this. Sometimes I take a look to the opponnets profil or maybe some former games with him/her …and blib: I auto resigned.

The sad thing about, I am a fast player, and while waiting for my opponent to decide his/her next move I get a little bored and start to I wander a little to his/her history and blib.

I think it would be fair if I dont auto resign until I used up the same time then he/her, at least. I wait the whole time for him/her, but if the opponet have to wait: blib no way.

Of course these time I use a work around and open a new page to lookto my opponents profil.

btw: the escapers use this technique these days too, they let the game open but espaped anyway.

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Why not just use tabs?

I do. Thats what i cal la work around. I can live with that. Neverthelss its remains annyoing if its happen when I forget my OGS special routine, in an emotional moment.

It’s not a workaround so much as it’s desired functionality.

In this topic here user describing a downside from a functionality. Of course I can point only to the upside from the same functionallity and dont need worry about it.

However, I hope we can discuss the posssibility of a maybe better balanced solution by concidering both sides first.

Upside: pre terminate a game rightly to save waiting time for the opponents of escapies
Downside: pre terminate a game wrongly and punishing non-escapies and their opponents for the flaws of others, by just canceling their game

My question are:
Is the time period for auto-resign decent?
Is auto-resign a apropriate action, when there is still more time remaining on your clock then your opponents (= you already waited in this game longer then him/her)?

For me Auto resign happens mostly when I am looking to my opponents profil while I am waiting of his/her moves. (not anymore cause get used to a work aorund)

So for my case it would work a diffrent aproach:

If I could opening my opponents profil with a right click in a new tab it would be fine.
(on the “info”-symbol I can open a profil only in the same tab, but then I abandond my game and could lose by auto-resign,
@ pbgarden that is my work around: I open a new blank, open OGS, go to my profil/overview, open the the game a second time, open my opponets profil)

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Hello, @sTan!

In most modern browsers, you can use middle mouse button to open links in new tabs.

On OS X, and with Chrome, when I cmd+click a username, it opens a new tab with their profile.

Works the same in Windows (7) with Chrome with ctrl+click

ok thanks, that is helpfull (In my firefox defualt setting wasn’t this possible, cause it was a prohibited pop-up). I still think the auto-resign needs some do over, but I can live with it, now, thanks.

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The context you’re lacking is that this discussion has come up and run its course several times. You can use the middle mouse button or shift-click on the info symbol for a new tab as well. There are numerous ways around this that take less than a couple seconds of extra time, if that. In the eyes of the devs and a seemingly large portion of the userbase, many of which were around since before this feature existed (I was not, personally) the positives of this outweigh the negatives.

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hey pbgarden,

first: shorten the workarounds is nice. (thanks for the hints to look closer to my browser settings (middle click on mosue works now too)

second: Please notice that I don’t questioning the auto-resign feature itself, I only suggested adjustments they could worth to tlalk about. And it would rather be nice to talk about that, then bring the conversation on path where the feature itself is on the table.

Bu we dont have to, it is like it is.

…and…with this new browser settings the workaorund isn’t a workaround for me, anymore.


FTR we’ll be bringing back the warning dialog that explain’s what’s going on at the very least in the near future, this should help with the immediate problem. Some further thinking about how and when to auto-resign will be had as well.


You probably got timed out.

Is this still relevant 4 years later? I think they changed some rules since then, and even if they did timeout, you can’t do much about it now. This may have been important 4 years ago, but it seems kind of random to bring this back up now. If it has meaning now, can you explain this to me so it makes more sense.