[resolved] Life in 19x19 General error

I cannot access the lifein19x19 forum. This has been an issue for at least two days.

Is anyone else able to access it or has some news?


I found information in the meantime:

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Yeah, severe withdrawal symptoms here :frowning:

L19 is currently in intensive care. Hopefully in the wakeup room soon.
Thanks to everybody involved in the transfer and re-build.


Wulfenia can you please resend this link, beacuse is not working at all. I have the same problem, but i decided to talk to administrator. Remember if something is not working to talk to creator or administrator.

I don’t understand your question. The first link in this thread is indeed currently not working, that is the content of this thread.

L19 Is Back Up!

“We’re Back! Extended Downtime Postmortem and Future Plans”

For now you’ll have to go to http://lifein19x19.com (= omit the WWW part), but this has been repaired and it can only take a few hours until every DNS server knows it.

Many thanks for reviving L19 to Brian Kirby and Adrian Petrescu and anybody else involved!

You should probably add a “.com” to that. :grin:

EDIT: Also what in the world - how is L19 not over SSL/TLS!? Yeah you should absolutely immediately change the password for any services that you share a password (in whole or part) with L19…

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Thanks, done :flushed:

And yes, full ACK.