Restrict rank selection not working

i have notice that restrict rank selection for ranked matched only allows you to select a the rank that is higher than yours (e.g. if i’m a 16k and play a ranked match, i can only restrict 15k or higher) you can not select at your current rank

Perhaps no lower ranked players were available?

To solve this problem, more info is needed:

  • which game?
  • browser, operating system
  • challenge setting

the last few matches i had for th Ed date 9/24/2023 on the 19x19 using create challenge, i have a preset 15k to 6k, before i could change the minimum rank, and i primarily use opera gx, as of this posting, everything appears to be back on track.

Seems alright.
If you ask a specific question it is convenient for people who know more about this than I do, to have the necessary info to work with.