Restrict ranking not working

I can restrict ranking fully for private games. For ranked games I can only restrict
rankings to 15k either way. I’m a 20k . Glitch or reality? Thanks for your help

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Welcome to OGS forum!

When you play unrated there is no limitation.
You can chose whatever you want, because the result of this game will not change your rating.

When playing rated there is a maximum difference of 9 levels between your level and your opponent.

As being at 20k you should be able to restrict to 11k (stronger opponent) to 25k (no more because it’s the lowest ranking on OGS)

Note that beating a 11k when you are 20k is a very very good performance (in a regular way of course) because the probability is very very low.
To have some better chance to win, players with that difference could agree on a 9 stones handicap instead of an even game, which is like a 100 points gift at the beginning of a game.

Note that rated games cannot be private by design of OGS system.
A private game (a game that no one else can watch) will always be unrated and so can be created with whatever restriction of levels you want to put.

Starting to play ranked

I see that your rank of 20k is now established by having played already a bunch of ranked games.

First time you entered the ranking, the system gave you from the start an intermediate ranking of 6k hydden under the 〔?〕 by design which allowed you to get offers from 4dan (highest ) players to 15k (lowest).
After losing 7 games your 〔?〕changed into a more reasonable〔21k〕letting you playing more fair games with 11k to 25k players.


Thanks for your instructive reply. I think I get it.