Results: Go Ranking & Improvement Poll

Sorry it took me so long to publish this, things have been busy. So this is from my previous post, Go Ranking & Improvement Poll.

Nearly 400 people responded.


First, the summary charts.

Second, I made a chart showing more detail on the ranks of the poll respondents.

Playing Time

Third, I broke the playing time down into groups:

  1. DDK playing time
  2. 9-6k playing time
  3. High SDK playing time
  4. 1 dan playing time
  5. 2 dan playing time
  6. 3-4 dan playing time
  7. 5-7 dan playing time (columns slightly out of order)

Top Recommended Resources

Fourth, here’s a chart of the top recommended resources for improvement. A bunch of other books and resources were also recommended, included reviewing your own games and lessons with a teacher.

All the Responses

Also, if you want to dig into the responses more, you can find a copy of them here.

Important Notes

Lastly, a bunch of caveats:

  1. There were less than 400 respondents, so take the sample size with lots of grains of salt.
  2. The poll was pretty crudely done, which I only realized after I saw a bunch of the responses. More below.
  3. Playing time doesn’t tell you much if the player was really focused on improving for awhile, but hasn’t tried to improve much in the last 10 years (for example).
  4. Some players aren’t really trying to improve, just playing for fun.
  5. I wish I had asked the fastest improvers what their strategies were when they were really focused on improving. This would have been fascinating. I might do a poll on this later.

Basically, these results don’t tell us much. But they’re here, for what it’s worth. :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone who responded!


I can’t access any of the detailed graphs. It says I need sone kind of autorization.

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Hmm, which of the above links in particular do you mean? I tested all of the links in incognito mode and it looks like I can view them without authorization.

If you make another poll, what questions would you include to make results better? Have you come up with anything?

Any of them, though I’m on mobile.

I would ask things to qualify their answer, like:

  • Are they currently trying to improve? (not everyone is)
  • How long did it take to rank up when they were trying to improve?
  • When they were trying to improve, what was their study routine like, and what helped the most?
  • How old were they when they started?

I can’t figure it out … I published all of the charts publicly, so not sure what would need authorization?

FWIW, I can see them. Now I feel really slow :frowning: