Retain timing information

Currently, after a game is finished, all information about the timing is lost. It is impossible to tell how much time the players had left at the end of the game or when a certain move was played.

I am particularly interested in getting this information in the SGFs (BL/OB/WL/OW properties), but it would be nice to see this on the web interface, as well.


The time used for each move is available on the API, but I don’t know how to present it in a useful and pretty way.


Well, as I mentioned I’m mostly interested in having this information in the downloaded SGF. Displaying it on the website would just be a nice extra.

That said, you could just show the time left for each player at the time the current move was played in the same spot that shows the time left during live play.


Maybe some other cool metadata as well. Local time of day for each player and glicko points?

When you’re replaying a game it’s nice to see the clock reflect what that time was at that point in the game.


What format is being used for the time information? It looks like some sort of relative amount of time since the last move, but I’m not sure what units are being used.

Milliseconds since the last move.

Thanks. Would it be possible for you or someone else to write an app, like the getstats app, that lets you submit a gameid and get back a list of when, in the requester’s time zone, each move was made?

I need this information for possible forensic reasons, to determine when the last few moves were made in some games. Its too onerous to add up by hand when there are lots of moves, and difficult to work back from when the game ended due to pauses.