Reveiw Request: Lord Spoon's Reveiw Request thread (9k 19x19)

Hi there, Can someone take a look at the game and do a full reveiw please? i know where i went wrong in some areas, but I would like to know where i went wrong in other palces.

It is not a full review, but I did comment on the tactics in some places. You could have won the game many times without these errors in the fight.


Thank you very much my dude, i cant believe i missed that last one. I was too worries about the cut above, when it would have worked out fine reguardless. Thanks for showing me that and the other things my dude.

This game just went so wrong from me, and I’m not entierly sure why, other than constantly playing Gote moves. Could someone please take a look for me?

i started on it, more to come.
i did find a theme though :smiley:.
[Edit: done. i added a couple of more things. but my main critizism remains the same :slight_smile:. focus on getting points for yourself. in this game you were preoccupied with what your opponent did and played many moves, that didnt gain you much.]


I meant to reply to you a couple of days ago, but I totalyl forgot. I looked over what you did when you posted this up, and thank you very much for your work so far. I found it very helpful, and i will be looking over it again!

9kyu Vs 6Kyu: if someone could take a look over of this game for me and show me where i went wrong, i would be super greatful!

The crucial moment was the early ko fight. You gave up a lot to win it but the ko was actually very small, and playing anywhere else would have been better. I put two comments for the midgame fighting but the ko is by far the most educational point.

If you have a question about another sequence I’ll be happy to answer it.


I just took a look at what you said. Thanks for the advice! the thigns you pointed out, kinda made me wince at my own silliness there. but had you not pointed them out, i would not learn So thanks for the reveiw my dude. they were the most important points that i think you covered.

Hi there, could someone please take a look at the below game? I feel like I got trampled over by someone way above my ability to play, and I just wanna know how I could have done better. (8kyu vs10kyu (I’m the 8kyu))

Just as we talked I made a review trying to show the thought process in these corner fights.

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Thanks for the reveiw my dude. My brain must have been in meltdown in that game. The rest of it was as you said, “Just sadness.”