Revenge Button

After a game finishes I think it would be nice to encourage more games by having a pop up that ask for a rematch or to make a new game with the same settings or auto start the auto match feature. This would take a step out of starting another game.

My hope with this feature is it would encourage players to play another game thus increasing the over all games in the server.

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This feature already exists: Rematch button.


It exists but it is a bit buried. Plus, I often challenge players with an instant rematch but there are rarely any takers - I’m not sure how the rematch shows up for the opponent but I take Clossius’ point that you could make it more prominent to encourage rematches. For example, maybe it could be a pop up and users have to actively click cancel to dismiss it (with cancel as the small grey button and rematch as the big green button). And maybe it could have some words like “Close game! You can take them this time! Rematch?” or “Oh no! They won big. Time to take revenge! Rematch?” or “You won! But can you do it again? Rematch?” to play into the psychology a bit, almost like making click-bait out of the rematch button. And have to pop up appear for both players by default. Just an idea… :smiley:

After both players have accepted the sore the rematch message pops up.
Wonder how anyone can miss it.

I have the same experience.

BTW: I prefer the neutral rematch to the emotionally loaded revenge button.


Revenge is French for rematch (as opposed to vengeance)


I am almost sure it appears as a challenge.
I almost never take rematch challenges just because I would like to review my game before playing a new one.


I think revanche but don’t quote me.


100% correct.
When you hit the rematch button, you enter the challenge screen.


Of course but I was using the false friend!


It just sounds annoying for anyone who doesn’t want to rematch. In quite a lot of games with ratings, RTS or other strategy games you’ll find people just want to rematch to limit the damage on their rating - rematch if you think you can win to get your points back (or gain even more if you happen to have won) or don’t if you think you were outmatched.

I don’t think this pop up would achieve anything, that already having the rematch button doesn’t.

Maybe having an option to have the rematch button bypass the challenge screen and just send a challenge with the same settings could be useful. Then again if one person found the settings too fast etc it could be handy to still go to the challenge screen at times.


I am not going to rematch.

See, if I win, I take it and run. If I lose, rematch feels like a little sore loser and probably ends up with another loss :joy:


Currently even direct challenges and rematches only appear as an icon in the top right. I think a popup that you have to actively close would be better. If we are encouraging more games then we should make it more obvious to players that they received a challenge.

Also, there is a lot of talk about the rematch button but not so much about a button to restart the search queue with the same settings. The less work you have to do to get in a game the better if we want players to play more. imo

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The browser already pushes a notification if they’re turned on for game invites. There are also audio signals. As a general rule of thumb, anoek is quite averse to using popups as most people find them highly annoying. I quietly suspect that having to click one extra button to find a new game isn’t the primary reason the steadily growing number of games here is lower than on the asian servers.

In regards to re-queueing… Perhaps the notion of adding some kind of option for this could be feasible… Possibly even a front end only project which boosts fan project potential.


I support more Go as long as it doesn’t annoy me.
Pushy ways annoy me.


Please God no more pop ups. Let’s not internet like it’s 1999. I’ve already had enough of closing pop-ups telling me about a Clossius stream.


You know they come with options now to block either user (Clossius) or category (stream), right?


I hate pop ups. if one wants certain feature and it is available, it should not take a popup to know it.

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In the context of offering a rematch this would be a disaster. I wouldn’t want to play the same person again immediately and a pop up offering this would just be an extra click in the way of me getting a game that I do want.
Plus the impediment to me playing more games is time in my life not the ogs rematch button or challenge system!


Look at how lichess does it.

This is invariably one of the main suggestions in every UI discussion we have here :heart:
Pretty sure we’re just trending towards a Go themed LiChess clone…
“LiGo/LiBaduk/LiWeiqi” if you will :smiley: