Review 15k versus 14k

I had a look at your game. I haven’t done a detailed review but this is what I thought.

  1. You’re reading skills are pretty good. (Probably better than me although I am similarly ranked). However. there were some reading errors which were easy to spot in retrospect but I guess it is something that will continue to improve!

  2. I think your biggest problem in this game was not being able to consolidate the central influence you had developed at the start of the game. White got territory around the corners and in exchange you had some nice walls facing the centre. I think you could have been more severe in blocking white when it approached one of your walls. Esp around moves 120-140 that area at the centre really should have been yours but i think you were too easy on white.

Hopefully these tips help.

I made a review as well.
You answered your opponent several times when it was not necessary at all. Playing an important move elsewhere on the board is often better than just answering