Review 15k

I was wondering if anyone would like to review this game for me.

I won, but only by a endgame blunder by my opponent. If you could point out the mistakes that I made and other such things that would be great.


I usually say that by move 60 the biggest part of the game is decided. in this case, it’s probably at 40. I left plenty of comments for you to analyze. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



Thank you for the awesome review, I learned a lot.
By the way, the move at Q8 (move 26) was to stop black from playing R9, is this move necessary? If not, how could I counter a black R9, or not counter it, if it doesn’t matter to much anyways?
Thanks again,

I don’t think it’s necessary to block black from playing R9 right away, as long as you play a bigger move on the board OR that you play a sente move (which, incidentally should be a bigger move, since the risk of not responding to the move would be a bigger loss than R9 could gain Black). I added a few variations for Q8 to show that. It is not blocking black per se, but stopping black moves that would extend from R9. The goal is to win one more point than your opponent, there is no need to to try to stop your opponent’s every moves. If you are ahead, play safe; if your opponent is ahead, attack like crazy until you are ahead, then play safe.

Okay, thanks.

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thanks for that one too.