Review 17k game

No point in doing a complete review, I am just curious what - in two words - I am doing basically wrong in this game? For one, I didn’t know how to defend against the attack on the left side. But for the rest, what am I missing?

FYI you forgot the link :slight_smile: I’m assuming you meant this game against aquarelle, that you lost by 0.5?

If so, I’ve left a few comments on the game page with variations on how you ALMOST killed that invasion. If you killed that group, you win the game, so don’t be too discouraged :slight_smile: you played well, just gotta slow down a bit and watch out for those moves you play on reflex and ask if there is a better way for this particular situation :slight_smile:

If you meant a different game, please link it :slight_smile: I’ll be happy to look over that one too.


BHydden, my man! Going the extra mile to search through their game records so that you could offer support? Sexy, sexy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. You sir… are awesome :face_with_monocle:!


I got a lot of help as a beginner (and still do), and truly believe in passing onto others :slight_smile: for a while now I’ve been out of action with IRL stuff, but felt good being able to give a little back :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re right that I forgot to put the link, I am sorry. And yes, that’s the game that I meant. And yes, I see now: B8 was the move I should have made. It looked like something that would be easy to cut, but that’s not true. Thank you

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O wait, B8 was suggested by snakess. B5 is very clever too. Just changing the order of what I did, in a way. Very nice.

Specifically, changing the order in such a way that he can’t make his first eye in sente. By backing off just a little bit more in this instance, it frees you up to poke out his second eye instead of needing to defend your shape. Definitely still well played though :slight_smile:

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