Review 17k vs 10k

Hello, I just played a fairly close game until I made a horrible mistake on move 287… As well as many other small mistakes in the early parts of the game…

I was wondering if I hadn’t made the 287 mistake and played at A9, if I would have won.
From my counting black wins by 0.5 points… but I don’t trust my counting nor my endgame…

And also, move 227 seems to be a big blunder. Is there any way of saving the top 6 black stones?

And any other advice on my play is greatly appreciated, especially on how to play against a player who plays heavily for early territory (never played against someone who goes double 3-3 point…)

Your upper right isn’t alive. It looks like you could have made it live if you got one more slack move out of white, but it’s pretty shaky.

In answer to your second question, I think probably not. I scribbled on it briefly and made a seki, but I think in serious play even that could be prevented. White is lower on the left side of that group, meaning it doesn’t have its own territory and needs the connection to live.

Thanks a lot!