Review 19k v 17k

I played black and here and won but I always feel my opening sucks and is too slow. I would also appreciate some advice for white seeing as I might find myself placing handicap games in the future.

Overall nothing too deep just my big mess ups the good points I took and how the opponent could have destroyed my mistakes.

I haven’t pl;payed many games but I hope to play a lot more.

Review #3


I’m only a few stones stronger than you. But I hope this helps:

I know you didn’t want anything too deep, but when I talk about Go, I kinda get excited and go overboard.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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This was perfect. Thank you very much.

I’ve sent it also in PM, but I will post it here also for others to see :
Enjoy :slight_smile:

(I’ve also added 2 variations on Thrawn review, the part about the net)

Thank you very much. I find this community to be very helpful. I’m trying to work on these mistakes.