Review an Ongoing Game

Sometimes I like to look at other people’s games (especially games in tournaments in which I’m participating). It’s possible to make comments as an observer and post variations, but it’s a bit obnoxious to fill up the comment box like that. Instead of doing that, it would be nice if we could create (partial) reviews of ongoing games. In particular, I’m talking about reviewing ongoing correspondence games.

Obviously such reviews shouldn’t be visible to the players until the game is over, but observers might benefit from being able to read such reviews. Not only would it be educational, but it might even be entertaining; reviewers obviously wouldn’t know the result in advance, so predictions could be made and compared to the eventual result. In fact, this type of review could even replace the current implementation of the Malkovich log. Wouldn’t it be awesome if observers could read the players’ thoughts as the game progresses rather than after game completion?

Another factor is that finished games are quickly forgotten. If someone wrote a review on a correspondence game I finished even a day ago, I might never even realize it was there. In contrast, if a review were available immediately after finishing a game, I’d definitely want to look at it while the game is still on my mind.

Obviously this idea would be much more useful for correspondence games, seeing as how you are far less likely to get a live review immediately after finishing a correspondence game.


It would be nice to be able to start a review(demo/review) of any live or correspondence games while the games are still going on. It reminds me of KGS clone feature. Handy stuff. I hope this get’s implemented.

Wouldn’t work for this?

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As the OP noted, simply using the observer chat would also serve as a workaround, but I think the point of the suggestion is to request a cleanly implemented feature to support this.

For example, reviewing an ongoing game should then automatically update the game history in the review as the game progresses.


Why is it going to clutter the chat? What else is going to be in the chat of a correspondence game?

Forked games don’t get automatically updated with the latest moves in the real game. So once one hits the end of the fork then he needs to make another one.


Thx, now I understand.

Greetz, Tom

Are there any plans for this feature? @trohde

I would like to host the next British Championship match here again, with a strong player commentating on his own board.

I think without this we’ll have to go back to KGS, unfortunately.

I have no information about this, so I’ll summon our developers @anoek and @matburt.

Yep this is already implemented as part of our 5.0 release, available for preview at !


Excellent news, thanks!
5.0 won’t be ready in time for the game on the 18th Feb, presumably, but we can look to use it in the future!

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Presumably this is the ‘give control’ option? @anoek @matburt
If so, it doesn’t work like I was hoping.

I want the reviewer’s board to get updated with new moves from the demo board (the real moves from the game being commented)