Review editor question

Hey there,

Just joined OGS. Was a long-time user of KGS and have just begun getting back into Go.

I was just wanted to know, after playing a game, I tried to use the game review editor and there are a few things I would hopefully like to be clarified if anyone can help.

  1. Is there a UI to help people who don’t know what the tools they are using? I think this might be quite useful if not already done so that people can see what tools they can use and for what purpose.

  2. When I was using the tools I was trying to change some of the game and then calculate the score (obviously I can count etc) however, I noticed there wasn’t a score editor. Or at least, I couldn’t find it within the interface. I was wondering if there was one within the review tools and if so, what does it look like? If not, I would highly recommend the implementation of having a score editor within the online client.

Thanks so much,

New User :smiley:


You mean like a tooltip? There is not. To be honest they feel kind of self explanatory :smiley: Though a tooltip could not hurt, it might take a while as other more pressing issues will probably be prioritized.

Yeah, there isn’t and I agree that it is a total pain :smiley: It is already on our todo list ( feel free to comment with some aditional ideas, or just to push the urgency.


And of course welcome to OGS :slight_smile: