Review notification

Would it be possible to send notifications when one of your own games is reviewed by someone else?


Possible certainly yes, whether it will be done anytime soon or at all that I do not know :slight_smile:

But you can express your support or develop the idea further in this feature request if you want :slight_smile:

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There’s an ingame chat message. Isn’t that enough? :3

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I dont think so, from my own experience of reveiwing games that have already been played, the best way to communicate that a game has been reveiwed is to message them. Because if a person does not know if a game is being reveiwed because of no notifacation they will have to go check themselvs, and if they havnt requesred the reveiw, then the chances are that they will never know that the game is reveiwed if there is no message sent unless they, for some other reason, go back to an already conpleted game.

I think a notifacation for a revewi would be a great idea personally.


Well I don’t really have a skin in the game. My reviews mostly boil down to variations in the original game…


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