Review of 17K VS 18K 19x19 game (3-3 points/life problems)

I just completed a game with an 18k (I was ranked 17k at the time). The game started with 4-4 points all around, where my opponent then played 3-3 (an invasion and a defensive move), which resulted in quite a few variations I’ve never seen before. I’m pretty sure I handled the entire thing poorly. The result was that I quite quickly lost a group of stones, and a cut worked that (probably) shouldn’t have. I’d appreciate any input on shape problems or mistakes I made as black in the first 50 or so moves, and input on the invasion that I failed to stop at move 158.

My review is here

Naturally, I’d appreciate any input on the other aspects of the game, but the beginning and the invasion were the sections that I felt very much like I was floundering at.

Thanks in advance!

I did put a few in it.

Thanks! I had left to eat lunch and forgot to close the review.

One small question - at move 15, do you think my variation is any better than the move I played, or should I have gone for something completely different?

Interesting question. All start by w adding a 33 under his hoshi. Looking weird isn’t it?

So what is following? W deny you access to the corner, and same time makes himself strong. So why we don’t do that more often? Because the usual answers (pincer, keima,Tobi…) are more dynamic, less overconcentrated, so more optimal.

After analysing your opponent answer, you need take care of the positive side in it, not just that it’s a not so good move. Here he is strong so if you try to make him feel weak by applying pressure again, he may counterattack and put you in difficulty We could call that a psychological failure.

Now if you think he is quite strong (too strong) you better keep away from his strength and play elsewhere.
Hope I did answer your question

That’s a fair point. I just didn’t really want to leave a single (relatively defenseless) stone over there, which is why I responded at all. I did see one variation on josekipedia (I put it into the game, move 6’s variation), but it seems to bring with it other issues.

I suppose I could have approached his other corner on the bottom, and tried to build something between the two stones. Or build outward from my corners.

In any case, it gives me plenty to think over. Thanks!

W did build a wall looking to the right edge but with no extension so it can be a nice place to look at, taking the extension yourself. I did propose a ogeima from the 44 in the review. Your only concern would be to not come too close.

Thanks, I’ll try to keep that in mind if I run into a similar situation again!

It’s more as reproducing. What is the engine of go? Capture or threat to capture. If you don’t use it you play Lego, not go. (Was easy joke) move 15 don’t use it. You have a bunch more moves in your game not using it. So try give more interest in the engine for each move.