Review please ~4k

sai.sgf (1.3 KB) I was black. On the middle game and end game I made mistakes I think, can someone please review this game for me.

I made a quick review of your game, I think you played very aggressively and didn’t take care of your groups enough. Also played a few slow moves that gave sente to your opponent that put you behind. My main advise is to play more solid and keep your groups connected.

I only commented until move 100 or so as that’s where it starts getting more complicated and I think before that is when you made the biggest mistakes. It’d be great if someone else could also comment on some of the tougher parts :slight_smile:

overall you played joseki like a champ, but have no clue after joseki moves
you played diagonal 44 fuseki, you probably never played much of it, nor will most opponent allow you to play in such way
so i think you should just stick to 1-2 openings then master it, go will be much simpler this way
also, instead of like playing nobrainer modern josekis, learn them first, understand why is it that way first
if not play something you understand
joseki only gives you equal position, it doesn’t give you any advantage if you don’t know what you’re doing

39 seems likes a mistake since opponent already strong in that area, and you don’t need the middle influence in such board
45 seems like double hane is a must
49 was like a pass
your position collapses after 52
move like 75+79 leaves too much aji, just play solid
101 makes no sense, forcibly cut doesn’t do much when you have holes everywhere
overall, your plays make very little sense after joseki moves, in game your opponent cut you a few times and won, so maybe try to fix your holes instead of being cut off and surrounded from all sides
also sometimes you can sacrifice a group to gain more than you lose
also don’t leave too much aji behind for your opponent to use