Review Please :D (10k)

Can someone please rewiev my game. I feel like i made a lot of mistakes despite the fact that i won.
Would be great.

While some kind soul will probably help you out, the general rule of thumb is that it’s more beneficial to review a lost game for a large number of reasons.
Also just an FYI for the future it helps a lot if you include your rank and your opponents rank in the post :slight_smile:
All the same thanks for your engagement and desire for self improvement.

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I agree with @BHydden. This was a kind of bad game to review. I don’t think you were ever losing. I noticed just two really questionable moves, but your opponent didn’t punish either one, so YMMV on the review I left.

I’m gonna disagree. Even if you win a game you should still review it. If a particular move really put you ahead in the game, explore some different responses and see if your opponent could’ve come out better. Poke at your weaknesses throughout the game and see if your opponent could’ve gotten some free moves. There’s a lot to learn from a won game. Most important: just because you won doesn’t mean you played well; you just played less bad than the other person.

Yes, certainly I believe it’s important to review all of your own games. My point was specifically in regards to asking OTHER people to review your games for you, to point out mistakes that you can’t see at your level… often it’s hard to objectively point at any move as “bad” in a won game, especially a convincingly won game.

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Is it? If you find a response to your move that leaves you in a bad position, it’s a bad move. The hard part is knowing what bad positions are.

I would think that you should get the advice of a stronger player especially on won games. They can more quickly point out slack moves you thought were fine.

I’m not looking for an argument, I was just pointing out that from my interactions with the go community, asking for a review of a won game is generally frowned upon. is a great place to have a bot look over your games if that takes your fancy.

Thx for the advice, I forgot to post either my rank or the opponents Sorry for that :smiley:

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Thank you for the review it helped me a lot

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