Review Reauest - 8-10k win vs 4k bot

I recently played a casual game against Fuego after taking a ~3 month hiatus from Go and won fairly easily:

I was hovering around 8-9k when I stopped playing frequently, so I fully expected to be a DDK when coming back. That said, I have been doing more Life/Death problems in my time off, and have watched the occasional go video, so it’s possible I have improved… I just wouldn’t expect a 5 stone jump…

I played a bit expirimentally (AlphaGo enclosure in the top left, overall much “Greedier” playstyle than I would normally use, more willing to tenuki with unsettled shapes, etc.) hoping that the “4k” might show me some interesting invasion techniques. Fuego also played several seemingly illogical moves (i.e. Move 24), not even counting the desperate endgame attempts.

Basically, I’m trying to determine whether Fuego was broken that day or if this new play style suits me😃 I’m also interested in any general comments you have about my game. Thanks!


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According to the bot’s profile page:

This account is currently marked as provisional until 960987 more games have been played

There’s something fishy about that account.

I would think Fuego is quite a bit weaker than 4 kyu, though. I am about 4k. I played it recently and won by 92.5 points :slight_smile: