Review regarding territory estimation (8k)

I just lost a league game due to insufficient life and death by simply dieing. However, my opponent and I discussed afterwards how the game would have ended if the group in the corner lives. Additionally, my opponent stated that I was playing far too territorial.

On the other hand, I had a totally different view of the state of the game and I would therefore love to get a third opinion from a higher-ranked player (low kyu or preferrably dan level). I used to play extremely panicky once I saw my opponent building things up, whereas in this game I felt very calm all the time and was certain that I had a decent lead and loads of reduction opportunities. I am trying to improve my territory estimations throughout the game, so I’d love to get reality check at a few points in the game given below.

This is the game here. And these are the points in the game I am interested to get another opinion on:

  • Move 18: The game felt even to me at this point. I saw that I had one corner, and the other three corners are up for grabs still. Was this an ok moment to take the lower right corner?

  • Move 26: Was my judgement correct, that this move threatens a follow-up on h17, which would in turn threaten to connect m17? My opponent seemed to agree, which is why he played to avoid h17 and I got sente …

  • Move 30: after the 28-29 exchange, I felt this is the perfect timing for invading the last corner. I played c4 instead of c3 in the hope that c9 might work together better (which it did).

  • Move 34: Black tried to build the largest possible moyo here. And I guess, this is a particularly interesting moment. I estimated, that calmly defending the left side to get fourth line territory should easily be sufficient, given that I now had 3 corners and access to the fourth. I addition, black’s moyo still seemed vastly reducable, because white had access to the center and lower right area, in addition to weak black positions at the right side and lower left. Was this judgement correct, or is black ahead at this point and I should play something like h10 instead?

  • Move 50: after solidifying black’s left side, I still feel like white’s profit at the left should be comparable to what black gets ?

  • Move 65: I played tenuki after this approach. In the end, I lost the game (only or partly?) because that corner died. In hindsight, I think that the approach here was sente against the corner. Is that correct, or was tenuki ok?

  • Move 112: this was probably the last time I could get away with playing p2 to live in the corner, but missed it, so the group and the game died. I am trying to estimate who would have won, if I played p2 here, but I’m not sure. There are two very large points in that black can monkey jump the lower left corner and black n18 is probably even larger. Assuming white gets the other point, my judgement tells me that the game should be rather close. Again, I’d like to get some feedback on whether my positional judgement is way off here.

Even if my judgment was off, I was expecting to be able to reduce black a lot more. So if there are some significant mistakes in my reduction, or moves that would have been way better, I’m also interested in those.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Thanks a ton Awesome review, as usual from you mark… Just as I expected my judgement is in dire need of getting some adjustments. Thank you very much for pointing it out.

It’s also good to see that I at least seem to get a better handle on timing invasions… yay for once.

Just one more quick follow-up question if you don’t mind: in move 22 you commented that I made a mistake and the other variants are joseki. Is that generally true locally, or is this due to the presence of black L4? I somehow thought it was joseki for black to extend on the right side after this and for white to extend on the bottom in response. So am I correct, that L4 means black can skip the extension and directly squeeze white into the corner instead?

It’s true both with and without l4, actually. The stone isn’t close enough to interrupt the usual pattern, so it becomes more like a 5-4 joseki (work out the pattern on josekipedia if you like). And you’re right about black skipping the extension. It’s possible, and by actually sorting the moves that way, you can see more clearly how white’s play was inferior (see Tewari analysis).

I added some variations from moves 18-24. I hope that helps clear things up.

Thanks. That helped indeed. The tewari is at least easy to understand once it’s shown, but I find it quite hard to do the analysis myself. So thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile: