Review Request - 10k vs 10k

My opponent is attaching to my stones all the time. I usually believe that it’s bad, but somehow in this game, he caught up very well, though in the end I managed to win by 4.5 points

Any comments are welcome, especially about end game, as I don’t get to play end game in most of the games.

I have no time to do a review, but as far as I’ve seen, you were pretty ahead until around move 70.

At that point Black was in full control, had a lot of potential both on the upper left corner and the upper side, had a bit of cash in the lower side, while White only had some cash in the lower corners but no perspectives at all.

When you doubled approached the upper right corner you got a bit greedy though, trying to fully enclose White inside, and he took advantage of that. He split you, and since you didn’t take time to defend your right side group (again, too greedy maybe?), he managed to make it heavy and weak, and chase it all around the board, while erasing your potential and profit. That’s why in the end the game was so close.

As you mentioned, all your opponent’s attachments were kinda bad moves, especially in the beginning, and I think you managed to punish him, more or less. You lost advantage because of your greed in the middlegame, I think that up to that point you played perfectly ok. :slight_smile:

EDIT: ah, btw, after move 195, your group should have been dead, if I read it well.
White P11, Black P10 takes, White Q12 and Black is completely enclosed with only one eye.
I read it quickly tho, I don’t know if there are any lines that lead to life for Black, there.

Have a review.

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