Review request 10k vs 11k

I’d be glad to hear your thoughts about these moves:

Move 16: Initially, I thought about protecting the corner in E2 or E3, but it seemed to me that cutting F4 from the rest of the board was more important, so I put in H4. I think it paid off, because eventually the influence I gained was bigger than the corner he gained.

Move 44: Honestly, I didn’t see much potential in this move, just a way to irritate black and gain some territory, but it worked better than expected, and I managed to connect this group to my main group in the bottom. Black’s response move, F18, was a mistake to my opinion.

Move 54: I did it because it seemed that he can still make two eyes. Was I right?

Move 68: Was this cut good?

Move 130: I’m proud of myself for this move, because it’s creative. The stone is alive either way, and it threatens to kill black’s group, which eventually it did. Could black protect this group better?

Thank you

Offered some comments on the moves you wanted discussing, as well as a bit extra. Your mid game needs some work, knowing when to tenuki, and understanding the priority of moves. I also had a peek at your profile and saw that this was the only game in a while against a bot, which is good. Playing bots teaches us bad habits - try to avoid it as much as possible.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to get in touch.