Review request 10k vs 12k

Hi all,

I am the 12k player and playing as black against a 10k opponent in an even game. I lost the game by 6.5 points. Would appreciate a review if anyone has a few mins.

I feel like I was ahead at the start of the game but white built a big moyo and I didn’t know how to go about invading/reducing it. I also had a moyo and let it be reduced by too much.

Any advice on what I should work on or where I should concentrate my study would also be great!

I put my thoughts here.

I would focus your attention on the concepts of sente and gote. There were a lot of moves you thought were sente but weren’t, and there were a lot of times where you gave sente away to your opponent when it was consequential. Each time, try to be aware of the value of the move you are about to play and whether your opponent might be able to find a more valuable placement if you go there. Also think about whether you need a move there at all.

Your moyo reduction idea was fine, but I included some additional thoughts since you’re curious about it.

Thanks a millions for that mark.

After playing through the game again with your comments in mind, I see what you mean about sente and gote. I will try and work on this.

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