Review request 10k vs. 4k

If a strong player can identify a routine problem in my strategy, I would much appreciate their advice.

I don’t know your weakest tendencies across all games. but this game was for the most part about weak groups, fighting, and influence. Both in the major running battle and the very start of the northeast corner where Black built a nice wall, White seemed to be unaware of just how important the bending-around game is, especially when it weakens groups and leads to defensive moves in inefficient areas.

Beyond that, White’s creation of the weak group in the northeast was ill-advised because it settled so much Black territory and the group was practically dead to begin with after the first two moves. While White seemed to recognize this for one move or so, White carried on with the plan to revive the group. This may have been ill-advised, but if White saw that the Black wall might become eyeless too then it wasn’t completely crazy from a strategic point of view. However, in the subsequent running battle between the two weak groups, White did not pay enough attention to the effort to quickly get ahead of the other group in the race to the center and bend around it if possible. Sometimes White ignored this conflict altogether, choosing to push through with the healthy group with eyes in the northeastern corner. This was strategically ill-advised, and also helped Black to keep territory on the northern edge.

As a result of not getting healthy quickly (and some plain tactical mishaps such as when White created two cutting stones and then quickly lost them) White spent considerable time just defending the weak group as it ran through half the board before finding two eyes. Black’s moves were haphazard in places, but they were bound to be more profitable, because they were located in more profitable areas. When White blundered and lost three cutting stones in the south, I took that to be the last straw for White. Perhaps very very strong tactics and endgame could salvage the position against your opponent, because the west side is still technically open, but in terms of a contest between equal players a little higher than your level, I’d say the game is decided at that point and that White cannot win.