Review Request 11k vs 10k

This is a game I lost recently playing black (komi 0.5).

I think that a turning (or “deciding”) point in this one is the relatively unsuccessful invasion I made at move 99. But I had some uncomfortable situations much before that. I think I started with some good influence vs territory trades, but was not able to use the influence successfully later, and some groups escaped too much into the center without the expected compensation.

Also, looking back I’m not satisfied with my move 9. It might be that I know practically no josekis, only two or three of the 4-4 most common ones (and that corner was not a 4-4 start), and should by now start studying a few. Anyway, I feel like that move would have much better near where white played next, since it did not threaten the corner that much, but gave white the time to invade into the yet-to-form mojo.

I would very much appreciate if any stronger player could highlight any relevant stuff, mistakes or advices on what is going on here. Thanks a lot, really :slight_smile:

Did a quick one but I needed to go in the middle :frowning: Sorry about that


Thank you so much! The analysis of interesting variations of the bad sequence at black’s initial aproach of white’s komoku was specially useful and I’ll try to use those ideas in my coming games.

It would be nice if somebody could complete the review, which goes now just to the middlegame, but this has already been very useful by itself. Thanks!