Review Request: 11k vs 13k

Hi all! :slight_smile:

I won this game against an 11k, (I’m currently a 13k), and though I won, I felt like it wasn’t deserved.
It seems as though the only reason I won was because my opponent failed to invade/reduce the top side early enough. Is this assessment correct? Aways, I was just wondering if I could get some pointers from any stronger players on the weaknesses.


Game Link:

You won by a large margin, so I think you deserved it. You played some interesting moves, like L12.

Two areas where black could have done better:

  • save J13: that was easy, just play K12 before H10.
  • most importantly: be more aggressive against the H4 group. Letting black cut at H3 was a bit reckless. Black could have played H6 at move 89, to either kill the white group (most likely) or chase it and erase your top area.