Review request 12k vs 8k

Playing black, I lost by 0.5 points only but had to go for an invasion that did not deserve to succeed IMO. I’d like to get more advice on directional play particularly so that I don’t have to resort to invading if possible.

I have been watching dwyrin’s “Back to Basics” series and was trying to apply his principles of solid play but I’m not sure I got them right.

Many thanks !

I left some comments on the first 150 moves. I don’t really think your game has a lot problems with directions. The most important point I made on the review is that when stones touch each other, hane is almost always the best choice, and it will often point your moves in the right direction. It goes both ways for you and your opponent. Other than that, I think you have played many good moves. Hope it helps.

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Thanks a lot for the review. You are right I still have trouble estimating when a hane is dangerous or not and I end up playing too cautiously