Review request 12kyu vs 10kyu

Hello fine folks,

would appriciate somebody answering me some question regarding this game…

Move 7: How to respond here locally?!
Move 19: Whats the best way, to get the most out of the corner?!
Move 142: How to respond, to make sure top is dead?!

Thanks guys, bye


im not sure if i answered all of your questions, but i did go over the whole game for you.

My main take away is that you ended up giving white a whole load of points, and that you could have easily won this game, but you didnt use your moves wisely, or play in positions that needed to be played in.

You missread a lot of situations, and ended up basically throwing a whole bunch of stones at white.

My advice… do a whole load of life and death, and go problems. they are gonna help you out immensly. but also watch the back to basics series by dywrin on youtube. He should really help you out with desciding what you should be doing on the board, as opposed to wasting turns.


Lord_o_o_Spoon definitely provided some good points. However, there were also a lot of questionable/incorrect comments so you need to take them with a large dose of salt.

I tried to answer the three questions you had, but I don’t think any of those were the actual key moves - you played fine for both move 7 and 143 (the issue with the latter is due to a slack move at 139). Move 19 was slightly suboptimal but not super impactful.

The moves you should re-examine include 27 (too soon to play on 1st line except when you need to), 53 (corner is hurt when white play R7 naturally), 73 (why not D5 and keep white separated while keeping yourself strong), 89 (can you find more efficient ways to protect the push), 91 (not necessarily bad, but you need to have a plan when you play contact moves like that - the game result was quite bad), 117 (trying too hard and in fact helps white get stronger - same issue as some of your peeps), 127 (again, helps white get stronger, a “thank you” move), 137 (same issue), 149 (can you see what happens if you play K18 instead), 151 (hurts your group at L3), 173 (not needed), 175 (not needed), (skip a few moves that are questionable but not super bad), 209 (why not just capture the stones at L8) 229 (there is a snapback at P5 worth 30+ points), and 259 (what if white cuts at C15).

When you resigned, I think you could have won the game by playing P5. There is a later follow-up at L8 so even if white cuts at C15 you should still have enough points.

Let me know if you have any further questions! @mister10


Totally agree, there are likely a lot of mistakes in what i said. Im only 9kyu after all. I should have said that at the beginning to be fair. But thanks for going over what i did.


It was definitely good effort and a lot of good takeaways, just also had some points that were not quite accurate. The most glaring one is that you are overvaluing captures too much - capturing 3 stones is 6 points (3 points from territory and 3 from prisoners), not 12.


What you mean by that Sir?!

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oh i see, i may have been looking at it wrong. I saw it as, if they gain those points, you loose them, which on reflection isn’t quite right. I will be sure to think about that before making the same mistake again. Thanks for the critique.

@Lucky_Punch_007 I think @S_Alexander was saying that when it comes to something i dont know, i should use language like “I think”, as opposed to, “This is deffinatly what this means.”

So, instead of saying, “This is where you should have played.” I could have said, “I think this may be a better move, becasue (Insert reason here)”


I can also recommend mixing some 13 x 13 games. In my experience, they allow you to play aggressively/experimentally and not feel too bad about messing up too early.

I don’t know if it’s of any use if you don’t understand japanese but here’s a series in which a japanese pro review’s his wife’s (starts out 10 k) games on 13 x 13:

The commentaries were pretty entertaining for me but unfortunately he stopped posting when lockdown ended in tokyo.