Review request 12kyu vs 8 kyu

hi, would you please review this game?

thanks in advance

I left some comments - I’m way lower rank than you, so it’s not really a review, just a learner trying to learn.

Two main questions were:

  • At the beginning, why the small gote move, and leaving behind a cut?

  • In the top left, the invading stone became a massively liable group: I couldn’t see what the plan with it was, and it seemed like it needed to be saved sooner, or maybe sacrificed sooner?

(And I’m bad at invasions like that, so I’d love to know how they might go!)


There you go :slight_smile::


  1. it is better to completely enclose black on the other side.

  2. i think it should be ok for white to have 1 group on the top side, 2 was too much. the crux of this game, was to not let black get away with the greed. that is sometimes hard to do.

  3. move 48: it seems to be a good move at this point to connect whites groups up. (however, black also had more than one opportunity to split, so i am still questioning the original move on the top side.)

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thank you very much!