Review request - 13k

Hi everyone,
I just finished a really good game, and I feel that it’s representative of my best play at the moment. I would really appreciate any advice. :slight_smile:

Link to the game, I played as white.


Hi, Peter. I noticed just a couple of things.
Move 50: White would usually push at E3 first here to make cutting points before continuing in the area.
Move 60: Protecting the cut at E5 is needed much more than G5.
A capture at F6 would be huge for black since it would save 5 trapped stones. White shouldn’t allow this.
Nicely played!

I left some comments that are kind of all over the place. Sorry for that. If I had to extract a key idea, I’d say you could improve your sense of connection. At move 50-54, you could have taken advantage of Black’s cutting weaknesses to seal off the left side, but you focused on less important stones and got counter attacked. At move 60, you left a bad weakness in your shape that got cut immediately and caused a lot of trouble. Moves 96-98 you left the same area wide open to cutting threats, letting Black walk into your hard-fought area.