Review request - 14-15k game


I was wondering if people could help me review this game:

As my opponent opened with dual 3x3 corners, I chose to counter with influence. This worked out for me in the game, but I had an uneasy feeling throughout, as I wasn’t quite sure how I would convert my moyo into territory. Somehow my opponent thought I was in control and let me get away with things - in particular, between moves ~55 to ~95 I should probably have defended the top more than I did.

I’d like to hear your comments; I still have a very weird feeling about this game.

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Well the score estimator got it way off as usual. I wonder if this is what triggered your opponents resignation. Personally I think the ‘uneasy’ feeling is natural with an influence-moyo strategy as it is harder to judge the position especially for non-dans like us. mv 88 at K15 might have been better from your opponent as I think the game demonstrates but I’m not a confident reviewer so don’t be surprised to hear a contrary opinion. I think the relevant phrase is ‘Reduce a large moyo lightly’ if I’m remembering correctly.

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Key lessons:

  • Enclose corners before moving to sides or center
  • Familiarize yourself with
  • Seize chances to disconnect opponent stones (most important)
  • Keep a global perspective about the value of moves