Review request 14k vs 13k

I would appreciate a review of the game below. I play white and lose by 17.5

I tried out some new ideas that I have learned with variable success, so I am especially interested in feedback about decisions (moment of invasion; tenuki or fix a defect; try to kill or cut my losses, etc.). Some general advice would also be welcome (e.g. “never-mind the moment of invasion, you should really first learn X”, or what part of the game are my strengths and weaknesses compared to my overall rank).

Hi Wulfenia,

I made a few comments on your game: As 6k, there’s a great deal I don’t know, so take them with a grain of salt. To summarize:

  1. There were a few places (moves 24, 114) where you had the opportunity to make good shape but made inefficient or broken shape instead. For more on this topic, I suggest reading “Shape Up!” here on OGS if you haven’t already.

  2. You seemed to get a bit greedy with move 88, when you had a chance for a clean kill. If you have a chance to kill a big group, I suggest you take it without thinking twice; don’t risk it by trying to get even more.

  3. You lost some groups as a result of not keeping your stones connected around moves 112 and 214. Try to develop a habit of noticing where you can be cut, and reading out the consequences if you are. Most of the time, staying connected is a higher priority than anything else.


Thanks a lot for your review and remarks!
Here are some of my thoughts for reference:

  1. The empty triangle I usually notice but I am often at a loss to find a better alternative, the ripped keima I did not notice at all, so I will have to look out for it.

  2. I am not sure that “greedy” was the reason in that case, I did not think about killing, I saw the move by black and saw that it was somewhat far from both sides so I should be able to disconnect it from one of the sides. I then went for the side that seemed easier to separate. So I guess it is a lack of automatically checking the status of all involved groups and a lack of thinking about what the move should actually accomplish in the grand scheme of things.

  3. This confirms that this is my most urgent problem. It is strange because I am doing reasonably well at life-and-death problems, so it is not a problem with reading per se, but the question which moves should trigger a rereading.

It seems to me that everything comes back to being aware of the strength and connection status of groups and knowing what moves might change this status.


Hello, I looked over this game and left a few suggestions, comments feel free to let me know what you think.

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