Review request - ~15 kyu game


I was wondering if some of you could help me review this game:

I tend to be a slow player and I was giving a try at what people here would consider a normal pace (i.e. 15 min main time, 45s byo-yomi which is probably still slow but I was hoping to ease into it). Subjectively, I think I was holding my own up to move 106 or so, but using more time than my opponent. I ran out of main time somewhere during the next 20 moves and panicked a bit - I think I played significantly worse at the end of the game. Actually, I didn’t even use my time well - I think I played 3 moves during the 10 seconds at the end of main time, and I didn’t even use any of my extra byo-yoming periods. So that is one thing I really need to improve on :confused:

I tried to do a self-review of the game, but I think other players will have a better big-picture perspective than me :slight_smile:


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