Review request : 15k game (19x19)


I was wondering if someone could have a look on this game?

I was black, I won but I think I was lucky. I feel I have difficulties to punish abusive moves most efficiently. If anyone has some advise for me? In fact, any advise on my game in general would be welcome !

Thanks in advance.

It seems like you played solidly while your opponent made substantial mistakes, so the game was basically over by about move 80.

You didn’t have to do much “punishment” because your opponent was punishing themselves.

Up to about move 30, your opening appeared sound. Good choices of approaching corners etc.

From that point on, you just responded to your opponent by asking them “really!?” each time they played a move, and they continued to make mistakes that you pressed on.

i left some variations in chat.

Thank you !

Thanks a lot !

I added some quick notes on the later parts of the game to complete the distributed review :slight_smile:

Overall I disagree that it was luck you won. You failed to see several pretty easy kills of big groups, but it just shows the importance of solid big moves. Even though you failed to see a basic kill several times these omissions were STILL not big enough to give your opponent the win. Just because he/she was busy saving groups everywhere on the board making no points in the process, while you kept simple and safe connections and good shapes! (studied some? :slight_smile: ) that naturally gave you some territory.

That said, you DID fail some pretty basic life & death. At one point it was literally two moves forced sequence with no branching at all. I am not much of a reader myself, but at some point good sense of direction is not enough to progress if you can’t be bothered to read 2 moves ahead… I focused on those points. Try doing some tsumegos if you think it might be fun for you, or just try to force yourself to read a move or two every now and then in your games… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot AdamR, it was the type of advice I was looking for.

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