Review request 15k vs 11k


This game is from one of the correspondence RR. I won by 13.5 as black. I think I did reasonably well throughout the game, but maybe I just got away with slack play. Are there any bad plays my opponent failed to punish? Did I miss any “big” opportunities that would have really padded my lead? Any glaring weaknesses in my play?

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Main problem was to let w connect his groups and to continue the attack after that as he was already quite strong enough.
You need to be careful with forcing moves which may help your opponent more as what you think.
Besides this, good game for you


Hi @violaine, I appreciate your taking time to review. It’s very helpful. :+1:

Yes. It makes sense that isolating his two groups along the right would have considerably boosted my advantage. Possibly could have killed one of them…

Thank you and best regards. :slight_smile:

About the “abuse” of forcing moves (which is a very common misbehaviour), one way to consider the game is to keep the most liberties as possible.

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