Review request, 15k vs 15k. Big mojo questions

I recently played this game: and would love some thoughts on it.

It started to turn into a big mojo game and as always I got quite troubled on what I should do.
With move 28 I did an invasion/reduction with the aim to reduce blacks potential in the top right as well as try to build on my mojo a bit. However I was not very pleased with the result as blacks mojo basically turned into territory and my wall was quite weak. I can’t really find a better move though so some thoughts on that would be lovely. Maybe I should have tried to confine the lower left group instead, something like G8? Or place some stone inside to reduce invasion risk, maybe O3?

Should I have reduced the risk for a big mojo game by pincering black 11 (R6)?

And if you have some other good tips for a 14/15k that would be really appreciated as well :slight_smile:

Move 11 approaches the smaller side of the corner. your replies at 12 and 14 help white expand the moyo and look very good, although a little bit thin (similar issue later, move 18 at F4 would be more solid).

One issue I see is that your moves are too much in contact with the invasion stones, leading to mutual reinforcement. Backing off a little will leave no weakness for black to exploit. For example move 96 should be at J3. 48 and 52 are also too close.

I posted some variations:

Hope this helps.

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Thank you!

Will take that with me