Review request: 15k vs 19k

12984068-116-Ironwoman-ИльяБроннер.sgf (1.1 KB)
Yesterday I lost to a player, who is supposed to be much weaker according to the OGS rating.

Today I tried to review that game, but the only mistake I can defenetly see is B79 (C7 seems to be way better), but there shoud be much more.

OGS link here: to original game.

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Looked like a super fun game ^^

there were lot of potential tesujis which I got kind of carried away creating variations for, but what the heck, it’s fun :smiley:

Rankinks are always only approximations, and indeed you were much ahead most of the game, as the rank would suggest. It seems your opponent managed to find your weakness which cost you the game. But that’s a good thing! now you know what to work on.

You correctly identified that B79 seems to have cost you the game (even though there was still chance to win by a few points later). But I say it should not have even come to B79 being a thing. And it was a complicated position.

You need to deal calmly with late invasions. You got too carried away by taking liberties that you created more weaknesses that eventually cost you dearly. I understand that one wants to immediately destroy the invasion, but prudence is very important!

Anyway, super fun game :slight_smile: Feel free to share another one in the future :slight_smile:

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