Review Request (16K vs. 14K) Didnt manage to make use of influence

I just played a game, where I had a pretty good feeling first:
I was black and I thought for quite a while that I was successfully keeping my opponent low, 3rd or even 2nd row while making a string wall facing the inside. I somehow missed the point though to really make use of that influence and found myself with a smallish middle territory at the end of the game.
If someone could help me finding my weaknesses that lead to this situation I’d be a happy go player :slight_smile:

edit: I just noticed, there is a dedicated “review request” section. moved it there because its probably better fitting

I’m only 14 kyu on the kgs but it looked to me like you were playing way to passive you gave him enormous amount of territory in the left a enormous amount and to use your influence from the wall you from it i would’ve played J11 at move 53 and took allot more points

I would agree with the above comments.

One issue is that you triggered a sequence that invited white in your own framework (white J12 and J14).

Another issue is that the exchange L8-J8 allowed white to secure a lot of territory, without you getting enough in return. With your strength on the right hand side, a deeper move at K7 or J8, inviting a fight, would have been better.

I think the result could have been worse, and you were lucky to live with C3

Thank you for your replies. Yes, in hindsight I agree that my position decreased rapidly after that move 53.