Review request (16k vs 16k bot)

Hello there!

I’m new to this forum. Although I have had been on OGS for some time, I only started to play more and tried to put more effort in the game recently… I think my rank is inflated but this is another issue…

Could someone please review this game I played against the DDK bot?

It was closer after I captured a black group but I still lost by 0.5 points.

Thanks a lot in advance! Any suggestions/comments are welcome.

You need to do tsumego. A lot of tsumego. The more, the better. An hour a day or 100 problems a day.
The right way.


Thanks smurph for your suggestion!
It’s true that I’ve only got through one short book of go problems when I started playing.
I will try to set some time for tsumego every day. It should be able to help me avoid some very silly mistakes.

I would suggest finding stronger opponents as well, there’s a lot that went just about right because the bot didn’t manage to cut things off or kill them, while they ought to have been.

Thanks Vsotvep!

Yes, there were instances where I knew I was making mistakes while the bot didn’t punish me enough for them…

Nearly every move you made was in direct response to the opponent’s move. It’s a 16-kyu bot. It’s going to make stupid moves, so don’t believe that all of them are important and require an immediate response. More tsumego will help you decide when you can take sente and play larger moves.

It’s called “puppy go” because you’re just following your opponent around the board like a little puppy.


I see what you mean… “puppy go” describes it well.:laughing:

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