Review Request - 17k vs 16k

Hey there,

since my progress up the ranks has slowed down a bit, I’m starting to go back over some of my games to improve by actually trying to remember some of the things I should know already. It would be great if someone else could do a review so I know whether I’m on the right track.

Here is a recent game where I don’t really play all that badly but I feel like I just let my opponent get away with a bit too much.

I created a review where I wrote down some of my thoughts and outline a few things I was worried about during the game.

Would someone be willing to help me with that?

Here you go! I hope it helps :slight_smile:

I suggest reading : Elementary Go Series volume 1 : In the beginning. Also doing opening problems.


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Reviewing the review. I also second the Elementary Go Series volume 1 and doing opening problems.

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Thanks a lot to both of you! Those reviews cleared up some of the doubts I was having about the game.

Thanks Mark5000 for reviewing my review :slight_smile:

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