Review Request 18k VS 17K - What could I have improved?

I (18 Kyu, black) just finished a correspondence game that I played against a 17 Kyu (white). My goal heading into the game was to avoid losing stones, as I’ve had a few problem games lately where I overlooked liberty shortages or weak connections. Going into the game, I wasn’t sure I’d win, but was happy to chalk “lose fewer than 10 stones” into the success column. It actually ended up also being the first game I’ve played where I ended up with one giant group.

Turns out, I won this game. As such, I’d really appreciate it if anyone could go through this review or just the game itself and point out either considerable weaknesses in my shape (such as the cutting weakness after move 107), or direction of play mistakes (such as move 115, where my opponent didn’t respond as I expected). Also feel free to point out any protective moves I played that were too slow or unnecessary. I’m trying to find a good balance of playing strong, connected shape, without giving my opponent too much in return. Also feel free to note if I was wrong in feeling I could give white the things he ended up taking via invasion at that stage in the game.

A particularly thorough review of the opening would also be much appreciated. Do you think I let white build too much of the left-hand side? At the beginning of the game, I felt like it was fine to let white have it if I could have more in return. In the mid-game, I did wish I’d had a few more capping stones in the center of the side group.

Thanks in advance!

Dropped a few ideas there. o/

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Thanks! I had seen some of those points (especially the problematic cut in the bottom right) when doing my review. Other things I hadn’t even considered! The suggestions for how to block white while keeping more for myself were extremely helpful - hopefully I’ll remember your comments next time I’m trying to decide which direction to block in.