Review request (19x19) 18k vs 14k / HCP

Getting fed up with those crappy games (aka sick of losing) maybe your review can give me some ideas.

Before my battery dies, take it, take it!!

As always, I can always be wrong. Stronger players are welcome to add new advices.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review.

move 4 was a mis-click. I was going for D3. Same with 238. No idea why this happens at the same area of the board.

I think I am done with Go for a while. It’s irritating when you see how the whole game just turns to sh*t in few moves.

Taking a break is actually a pretty good way to improve. The break can clear your mind of bad instincts and allow you to see the board fresh next time you come back.

Go is always a frustrating game when you lose, after all, it takes a hundred moves to build a winning position, and only one move to ruin it all :slight_smile:

@Issho did a good review, so I won’t do another one.

Like him, my advice for when you start playing again is to really focus on the concept of not following your opponent around the board.

We kyus play bad/slow moves all the time. With every single move, ask yourself can I tenuki? If yes, play the biggest point on the board. If I remember right, I gained 2-3 ranks in about a week when I started doing this.

Another simple tip, if you’re tired of losing, setup games so you’re only playing same rank/weaker players! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll do this occasionally when I’m on a losing streak. Winning more often helps you realize how much you’ve learned and regain some confidence/optimism - just don’t do it for too long or it will be hard to improve.