Review request 19x19 against 9k

It’s been a long time since I didn’t play a 19x19 game.
I tryed to follow a really basic opening by playing large moves. (I haven’t yet learn any Joseki)
then I tryed to work on my shapes even those I don’t realy know how to exploit when they are attacked because of my lack of experience.

I losed on the timer cause I played without sound on ( I’ll not do this mistake again)
I know I was going down at the end cause I don’t really kwon how to answer the invations or how to block properly but I would have like to play this game till the end ( too bad).
I’m really interested in what you guys thinks I’m doing right and wrong and also if someone could give me some variations on how to defend when your shape get attack or how I could have done a better job at defending when my F14 group got attacked.


I posted a few variations in the game, hope that helps. :slight_smile:

thanks it does help :slight_smile: I was thinging I didn’t know how to answer to white poke from move 60 to move 90 but it’s more that I underestimated the fack that white would cut me I was thing I was fine cause a would connect the cut part to the right corner but he literaly snowball from there.

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I added a few comments I was a bit surprised were not mentioned yet.

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Thanks mark5000 I did not see the ladder indeed.

I see a different ladder there (variations in review). :stuck_out_tongue:

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