Review request - 1k - am I too passive?

Hello everyone,

Could someone help me please review this game ?

I ran it with Lizzie and didn’t come off with strong insight. Yeah, ok, there are a lot of sequences I kinda messed up (byoyomi 10s after move 100 didn’t help).

But on a more global scale… I don’t understand what I could really made better in that game. I tried to not let him build easily while also making territory for myself. But it remained close whatever where my efforts and I played bad end game (reaaaally slow moves), resulting in a loss. Thinking about it, I believe there are some cuts I didn’t exploit and maybe I was too passive, only invading/reducing without going hard at the groups (key cuts + weak group on the left that I didn’t know how to bother). Do you see anything else ? I tend to be too agressive normally and have cuts backfire on me (cuting for the sake of cuting and attacking weak groups), maybe I went too far on the opposite direction.

Thanks anyone for your help ! Feel free to contact me also, I’d be happy to play a game :slight_smile:

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