Review request, 1k vs 2d

would someone review this game for me? i self-reviewed as well and made some comments. here is the link to that:

thanks :smiley:

Q14 looks big to me, and as black I would have played there. In modern play you donโ€™t see R11.

The main issues I see are the right hand side and the top left, with in both cases too much focus on unimportant stones.

You spent a move to create the cut at O9, and later tried to exploit it, but as black showed in the game those 3
black stones are just worth 6 points.

The top right is tricky. Whatโ€™s clear is that connecting at E16 and H15 gives black a nice target. At that point it becomes a very difficult game for white.


Added some small comments in there for you.

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