Review request (1k vs 6k ; 19x19)

Can someone please explain my own game to me :slight_smile: ?
From move 95 to the end my feelings were very much in asyncron to the ai analysis. Unfortunately my opponent dc’d, but why would I have lost?

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You died in gote on the left. That’s certainly a big mistake.

oh sh*t. thanks

At move 106 you neglected to connect your group to the center, which resulted in a capturing race that you eventually lost.

Note that G12 is not necessary to keep white at one eye.

Reading out capturing races is difficult in a game with fast time control like this. Regardless it is safe to say that this lost you the game.


Thanks. Since then I played out the semeai repeatedly, and now I see I lost the minute I got surrounded.
This is what that “this looks sente” feeling brings you.

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