Review request: 20k vs 17k

Could anyone review my game? I was black.

Could you explain:

  1. Did I make joseki mistake in low right corner?
  2. What way was best to kill white stones at center?
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Hello :slight_smile: I added my opinions about the game in this review. You can click to see.

Hope I’ve helped. If you wish to learn more joseki, you can always head to the puzzles.

Hi! I added a review for you.

Overall, very good! I’m quite impressed by your level of play for a 20k. It’s a pity white won, because you played better throughout most of the game in my opinion.

Two big things to work on - Fighting, and prioritizing moves in late middle /endgame.

  1. Fighting - a few things to think about.
    • When you have a big moyo that will let you win easily, keep it simple! Avoid fighting at all costs, even if it means sacrificing a stone or two. Instead, back off and create walls that defend your moyo, even if it gives your opponent a few points in the process.
  • If white does manage to get a few stones into your moyo that you need to kill, consider playing stones at a distance instead of right next to your opponent’s stones. Playing close gives your opponent forcing moves that can generate eye space and cutting points. Playing far away gives fewer forcing moves, strengthens your groups, and limits where white can expand to create eyes.

Remember: All you need to do is prevent him/her from getting 2 eyes. If white can’t attack you and doesn’t have anyplace to expand to, it doesn’t matter that his groups have a lot of liberties. Without eyes, they’ll die at the end of the game anyway.

  1. Prioritizing moves
  • Towards the end of the game, really concentrate on thinking “Where is the biggest point on the board right now?” Both you and your opponent played lots of small moves fighting over 1 to 5 points while much bigger moves still existed. Try to figure out when your opponent plays a small move, then take advantage by grabbing a big point.

I left lots of examples in my review, let me know if you have any questions! Hope this helps


I made this before I saw @Swabby8’s review. Decided to finish it anyway, but we ended up covering a lot of the same stuff. Your biggest weaknesses are 1) fighting skill and 2) you like to follow your opponent around the board too much. Seize the initiative, and deny eye spaces to your opponent with conviction!




Thank you very much for a such detailed reviews!
@mark5000, @Swabby8 Could you recommend way to improve fighting and reading skills? Probably book to read?

Fighting is tough to “teach” since fighting in every game is different. I don’t read many Go books (although I watch a lot of video lectures), but any materials I’ve found specifically on fighting have been unsatisfying.

It might be worth a try to watch some of Dwyrin’s “Back to the Basics” series:

They really helped me improve my understanding of shape as well as when/where to fight. Don’t be concerned if it seems confusing. The first time I watched them a lot went over my head, mainly because at the time I still didn’t know “The Basics” haha

Other than that… the best way to improve fighting in my opinion is simply to play a lot and practice tsumego… You’ve probably heard that advice before but it’s true :stuck_out_tongue: If anyone else has any good fighting vids/books in mind I’d be interested to hear about it too.